Book review – Mum Ultrapreneur

This book is just fab for any mum thinking about running her own business. It touches on everything and presents it in a myriad of interesting ways.

mum ultrapreneur

 There is an engrossing fictional story that is easy to relate to of a new mum grappling with a baby and a business idea and all the blocks she over comes on the way.

There are lots of  very inspirational case studies of a whole host of successful  mums and their business ideas and tips.

There is a great ection for you to begin your plan and to really focus on how you can grow a business.

The book isn’t just practical it is wise, emotive, inspiring and gritty too. It doe not pretend there won’t be blocks but it encourages you to look for your inner wisdom and external support. It’s essential message is you need to sparkle to succeed.

This is a wondeful book to get you started down the route of becoming a mumpreneur. it is well worth a read!

Mumultrapreneur is written by Susan Odev and Mark Weeks, published by Bookshaker and costs £12  The accompanying website is


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