Plum baby and toddler food – A review

If I was giving either of my children ready meals as babies I usually opted for Plum. I liked the taste myself!  they had a varied veggie range and it just oozed goodness and good quality, My darling daughter is 2 now and a bit old for purees so my neighbours little boy got to try the samples Plum sent:

Little George loved the Parsnip, carrot and cheddar mash, adored the aubergine and sweet red pepper provencal and apprently he wolfed down ditalini pasta with pesto and super greens ( they sound like posh restaurant food s don’t they. Lucky little George.

My daughterAnnalsie 2, was lucky enough to be sent a range of toddler snacks from Plum to try which she shared with her 1 year old pal Cara. The moon biscuits were a big hit and again super healthy ( I won’t go into all the nutritional goodness stuff but it is absolutely excellent – check out their website)

These interesting snacks included oat rounds with orange oil and ginger (which I LOVED!) Spelt fingers with apple and Spelt fingers with pomengranate (the jury was out on these in my house) but her little pal liked them. The minky moons biscuits (by far the favourite ) even  had vanilla and chamomile in!  My 5 year old soon enjoyed these snacks too and I felt good they were eating heathy snacks, If you aren’t going to make it yourslef Plum is bout as good as it gets

Plum have some great beliefs around food  which really resound with me so I have shared them here:

Plum beliefs

We believe the taste of food and the colour, texture and smell is so important to a baby’s development. Taste is what makes eating one of life’s greatest pleasures and it’s something everyone should enjoy from the moment they’re born.

Our mission is to feed babies well, to nourish them, to make every spoonful matter. To be pioneering in our choice of only the very best ingredients and how we use them.

We want to create real food for babies – not just baby food. All our recipes tick the taste, nutrition and quality boxes. And if the convenience of them helps you spend a little more quality time with your baby, that is a huge tick in the box!

Plum sell their food online and at all supermarkets, Boots etc. You can sign up to receive the Plum Baby newsletter ( where you’ll be kept up to date on the latest news and recipes,


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