Bibetta Bibs

Bibetta products are new to me and when I was asked to review one of their bibs I just kind of thought it would be a normal sort of bib. Despite being 3 eating pasta can still end up with Lisi wearing it so a bib is still useful to us.  This was what they call an Ultrabib and it is made from Neoprene (the stuff surfers wear!) It’s a lovely looking bib  (they have a range but we went for pink flowers – my daughter is predcitable!)  We found it lovely and strong, wipes clean easily and seems to fit her very comfortably.

bibetta bib

These bibs vhave won 3 industry awards for good deisgn and are very durable. Their benefits are

  • being waterproof,
  • absorbent,
  • soft to wear
  • and very easy to clean being  quick drying, machine washable and highly durable

These cost from £3.99 so can’t compare to your supermarket 3 pack for £3 but they will look good and last a lot longer.

The company also sell bags and cups which are equally funky!

bibetta bibs



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