Leapfrog Tag Review. Toy Story 3

Tag Toystory 3Leapfrog sent us a tag reading system and have challenged us to read a book a week with it throughout March. Our first reading Challenge was Toy story 3.

A bit about tag.

Tag is new to me and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. It is billed as  the No.1 Learn to Read toy – Turning reading time into playtime! This is what it does:

 The Tag magic pen reads stories out loud and interacts with different elements of the book.  As children touch the reader to the pages of the specially printed Tag storybooks, children can hear their favourite characters speak, listen to pictures sing and hear the words on the page spoken aloud. 

There are 18 books in the range and the tag pen can hold the audio for five books at at ime which you download form the website. It is very simple to use and my 3 nearly 4 year old had no problem using it.  It costs £24.99 and is availble from the Leapfrog store

Anyway to this week’s book Toys tory 3. Well somehow I missed this story at the cinema (unsure wuite how…boithmykids have seen it…did I drift off?)  The basic story (but I’m sure you know it) is this Andy is all grown up and heading off to college. What will become of his toys? Woody ends up with sweet-natured Bonnie, but his friends find themselves in a not-so-sweet situation.

Leapfrog tag

My intention was that we read along and do the games and press on the indiviudal characters  after we had read through the story. Well I didn’t have the pen and Annalise had her own ideas. The story eneded up a little sidelined as we pressed charcters to hear them talk, roar, giiggle and slide and we played some simple,  fun games. It took us 1/2 to get through the book but we had laughed and learned and had a lovely time. She then sat on her own and went back through it, for ages. QUIETLY!!! yay a big hit. Lots to do and see and a heartwarming story that actually made me a bit emoional. Am liking the tag.

See you next week!





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