Be a star – make a video of your celebrity life

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Please take a look below at my crazy Be A Star video. It’s so fuuny! At last ….famous! I’m really living the ups and downs of a celebrity. I think they can keep it actually. I’m way too sensitive and attached to comfy clothes. Though I could do with a bit of pampering right now I have a horrible cold and I am feeling really very sorry for  myself !!
Jealous? Want one of your own? You can make your  own HP Be a Star Video at When you have will you please, please, please, come back here and share your url provided at the end of your video in my comments section. The more urls I get shared on my blog the more chance I have of winning a laptop…now wouldn’t that be fab!
I’d love the one with the butterflies on it like in the video now then I would be truly stylish even with a red runny nose.  The most hotel trashing I have ever done is to up turn a bin whene I’d lost that key card thing they give you. So very rock and roll. I get worried if my library book is late.  Nope I don’t think the celebrity lifestyle would be right for me!  But what about you?  Go on have a go! Only take youuploading a photo.

Do pop over  and like their facebook page too and do share this app around . It’s a really good laugh and it’s free entertainment!



All you need to do is visit: and make your own Be A Star video.


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  1. Naomi
    October 28, 2010 / 7:42 am

    This is brilliant. What as great thing to make with your children. May give it a go.

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