Babyroyale blanket – the ultimate baby blanket.

The babyroyale luxury blanket is absolutely the ultimate baby blanket that I have had the pleasure to hold. It is so gorgeous I wish they did big versions! Babyroyale  make bamboo cotton receiving blankets. They have a silky finsih and are blended with 70% bamboo 30% organic cotton. They feel wondeful against the skin, so smooth. They look handwoven rather than mass produce and have a quite an old fashioned quality look to them.

Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenc, perfect for babies. It is  three times more absorbent than cotton, and bamboo fibres guard against chaffing and overheating as well as preventing odours from being trapped. Unlike pure cotton or wool, bamboo material is also non abrasive and is therefore ideal for use on infant and newborn skin. It is also  ecologically friendly and the crops it is taken from are fully regenerated which makes it a good ethical choice.

It is 90 by 75 cm and comes in a deep aubergine box. It is a top luxury gift for a newborn and costs £34.99.

I think with a royal wedding looming they have chosen the perfect name don’t you?  It is also available in Pink and Off White.


The blanket can be purchased from Hello Baby(who sent me one to review)  the online nursey shop . If you haven’t checked out Hello Baby before they sell baby toys, Travel goods and Safety accessories. 


 They also see a great selection of nursery furnture,

It is a  lovely shop.


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