Thank you Interflora my flowers are beautiful.

Oh wonderful Interflora, thank you for my flowers they are truly beautiful.

When I grew up my dadddy used to work in the markets from time to time and my mum always had fressh bunches of flowers. Flowers make homes look really treasured and make me so, so happy.

I sent an iInterflorea myself last week of pink fairtrade roses for my fireinds birthday so when these arrived  we got a little confused. 

I was in London when my hubby phoned

Hubby:  An Interflora has arrived for you, I think you must have put in the wrong address

Me: No I haven’t these ones are from Interflora

Hubby: I know they are from Interflora that’s what I’m saying, you must have put our address not your friends.

Me:  No I  didn’t, these ones are from Interflora

Hubby: Yes I know they are from Interflora – you must have….

Anyway they are stunning, beautiful and gorgeous and thank you Interflora for your lovely mothers day wishes.  I love even more that you have allowed me to tag another mummy blogger to recieve a bunch of mothers day flowers too.


There are many great mummy blogger freinds to baby budgeting, I am very blessed. In this instance I am going to choose the one I gossip with, share business ideas with, creations, thoughts and feelings with. The lovely, artistic, compassionate Maggy is my choice from RED TED ART blog.  Maggy you are a fab, creative, colourful, childcentred, mummy and a lovely, warm helpful friend and this year I have really needed someone to hold my hand and cheer me on and you have. 

Happy Mothers Day my dear freind. Interflora will be in touch  and I send you a big hug and a heart full of thanks. x

P.s Did you klnow Interflora have their own blog too?


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  1. March 28, 2011 / 8:02 am

    Oh my! Becky, you ARE lovely!!! This is GORGEOUS!! Especially since flowers in our house are a rarity!!!! (I jest not), so these will be lovely! Thank you, dear friends – and for the kind lovely and happy words 🙂


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