An interview with Bear Grylls (he is rather lovely)

An interview with Bear Grylls

I can’t tell you how excited I was to do an inteview with Bear Grylls. I am ashamed to say I  giggled a fair few times. Poor Bear. He must get this a lot. He’s just so brave and so famous almost like an eco-superhero !


Bear Grylls and nature’s playground

Anyway in line with a  campaign he is involved with for Persil small and mighty all to do with getting kids outdoors into nature. His ten top tthings to do before your ten guide  can be found here  I somehow (I’m still not quite sure how) got the chance to interview him. Yay!  In line with the fact that nature is the biggest free playground ever (Bear said that bit!)  it is entirely appropriate I think that a blog about budgeting and kids champion and celebrate  a love of the natural world.

An interview with Bear Grylls

The first thing I asked Bear was what was the most awesome thing he had ever done and he talked about Everest. How it had been a dream for so long, a dream he had shared with his father and  the whole process of getting there was just so amazing.Ah!  I next asked him what the scariest thing he had ever done and he told me he had been in an inflatable boat with 5 others and only one man had a paddle. They were in the arctic when some monster storms came! Can you imagine? Even Bear laughed a bit nervously recounting it!

becky goddard-hill, Becky Goddard-Hill interviews Bear Grylls

However when I asked him about the bravest thing he had ever done he said he had to take his hat off to his wife for that as she went through child birth 3 times with no pain relief!!!! Blimey I don’t even cope with a sniffle without dosing up so I’m pretty impressed by that too. He did mutter about having his tool kit handy and some aspirin but that she didn’t want them. Toolkit??Did I mishear that?  He was in the US so I am hoping so. Toolkit? Hmmm. I know Bear is rustic and will eat  animal poo and things at a push  but still….

Bear Grylls on parenting

We talked about kids and technology, peer pressure and the wii and Bear really advocated getting kids out there in nature. He was really positive about Scouts and the like, being a great driving force to get kids outside and active. He told me his little family live on an island a lot of the time with no mains electricity, partly because he wants his kids to use their creativity and imagintion and be outdoors whilst they play. How fab!

Bear was so positive about nature he made me want to go and pull my kids out their cosy beds and set up a camp in the garden ( of course I didn’t  the apprentcie was on and it was chilly.)  An inspiring man.

A gift from Bear Grylls

Next day through the post came  a little gift from Bear and Persil:  a sheet and 2 pegs. Oh I thought. I had been hopeful of a years supply of someone to iron for me but it wasn’t to be.

My husband was delighted. With the sheet and the pegs came some den building instructions. I went away to blogcamp and he went to town on the den building. I was super impressed. Okay it was indoors, but it was a start!


How Bear Grylls got his name?

I did ask Bear one personal question about his name,  thinking his parents to be just so insightful to have called him Bear. How did  Bear Grylls get his name? Not at all, he told me. ‘My real name’s Edward and everyone called me Teddy so my sister called me Bear and it just stuck.’ ‘Oh’ I said (probably sounding a bit disappointed.) I suppose it would be better if I had some great bear wrestling story,  wouldn’t  it? he said apologetically. ‘Probably’ I agreed.


Oh well.


I do hope you enjoyed my post An interview with Bear Grylls. You might like my Hermione Norris Interview too?






  1. April 23, 2012 / 4:31 pm

    How utterly super dooper Becky!!!! You got to chat to the amazing Bear Grylls!! A great article, really made me laugh out loud.
    You do have such a fab job 🙂

  2. April 26, 2012 / 9:32 pm

    That’s brilliant, great questions I always wondered why he was called Bear 🙂

  3. Emily O
    April 30, 2012 / 11:37 am

    He’s inspiring about the outdoors isn’t he? Nice bloke and patient to cope with all our questions : )

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