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Thanks to the fab Kerry Goodman for another inspirational post this month on ways for mums to make money: Over to Kerry :


Before I had Baba, actually before Mr L and I had even thought of having children, we were still in the beginning of moving in together I joined my first direct selling company making scrapbooks.

Scrapbooks for all of my photos, or as Mr L then called them posh albums. These were albums that would protect your photos and I did fancy pages around the pictures and made them beautiful, here is one I did          not to long ago

I feel in love with the concept of it, and really loved doing it. I did however decide to stop the direct selling            I didn’t like what I had to do, but remained making my albums.

It wasn’t until I had Baba that I learnt that you could make your own albums, this created a whole new avenue for me and again I was addicted. It is the one thing that I truly love doing and get a lot of enjoyment out of it, I feel at peace doing it as well. So I carried on happy just creating. It wasn’t until we got into financial difficulty and needed me to bring in more money that I thought maybe I should start this as a business, so I wrote this post and was amazed by the response that I got people actually liked my products.

I decided to go for it, and Baba’s Keepsakes was born.

Baba’s Keepsakes is a selection of keepsakes and albums, made at home, from the heart by Baba’s Mummy!

Every single item made at Baba’s Keepsakes is original and there will never be one exactly the same again, they are all hand crafted and made only by Baba’s Mummy, me. I am the person that designs, makes and finishes each product. 

If customers want to have input into their keepsake or album, they can. We can have one to one consultations discussing the colours and themes and every detail that they want included. I want people to love their Baba’s Keepsake so want them to have as much input as possible.

However we also sell some items that are pre-made, and these are sold on a first come first serve basis, as there wont be another made exactly the same. Here are a few examples.

The Squash books are a great little brag book, fantastic for grandparents, I have sold a few of these for birthday presents as they are so easy, and great to post to recipients far away.

Every product comes with its own selection of photo tabs to stick photos into them and a bag to protect it that is colourcoordinated to the keepsake you have brought.

As each product is so unique everything is individually priced, depending on what is required and needed from the customer. But all of that is discussed when contact is first made.

The Journal Jar is like a Baby book it has prompts in the jar for the babies milestones and these can all be put into the book that is provided. This can be made for weddings, parties, birthdays, any major event in your life.

It has been a really cheap and easy business to start, as the only things I needed was the stuff to make the products which I had anyway. So there really have been no expenses that I would not have paid out anyway. I love doing it, and the best thing about the business is the look on the face of the customer once they receive it. That is priceless. 

I am slowly taking the next step by moving the business onto the internet. I have started on my website that I am building myself to keep the costs down, but am doing it all gradually, as and when some more money comes into the business. I like the personal touch to it and think this is the type of business that needs that so am trying to keep that going.

For more information about Baba’s Keepsakes please come over to my blog
What a top idea Kerry taking what you re good at and making some extra money by using those skills, brilliant if it’s something you enjoy too!



  1. naomi richards
    September 28, 2010 / 7:24 am

    What a lovely idea. Scapbooking is great for telling stories too and we did one years ago for my in-laws who were celebrating a big anniversary. They loved it. Its a piece of history with the personal touch. Love it!

  2. Becky
    September 28, 2010 / 7:42 am

    I’ve done one about all my ook press and launch and one about my trip to Graceland! Maybe the kidscoach should have one!

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