Ways for mums to make money – NCT Sales

Ways for mums to make money

I got this little message through the webiste from a lovely lady called Helen:

I am a subscriber to your blog and your daily messages remind me that there are practical ways of affording time off with your baby, although I think the messages hold strong even when your children grow up.  My eldest is nearly 7 now and the ideas are just as useful.

Spurred on by one of the ideas in your book I have done two NCT Nearly New Sales this year and raised £290 at one (a big room style sale where the NCT took 25% commission tho – fair enough) and £162 at the next one (this was a table top style sale for which I paid £10 for the table and handled my own sales).

For anyone whose baby days are pretty much over I would really recommend participating in a sale and see what you can do.  Check out the Nearly new NCT sale finder


Supporting you to become the parent you want to

(In case you don’t know the NCT is the national childbirth trust charity.)

I think this is a really timely reminder from Helen to check out where your local NCT sale is and to get involved. Just gather up all you bab y stuff you are finished with ready to sell . Helen  did so well didn’t she! By clearing the way now, not only will you make some money in preperation for Christmas but you will also have decluttered, brilliant.

Thanks Helen for sharing what worked for you. I love to hear everybodies tips and share them with the rest of you so please send any good ideas you have through to me at Becky@babybudgeting.co.uk. I would love to hear from you.

Next months posts are all about saving money on special opccasions, christenings, birthdays, halloween,  naming days  even weddings. Please get involved and if you would like to guest post that would be fantastic x



  1. September 28, 2010 / 12:25 pm

    If you want to sell at a NNS, beware that you need to register early. I volunteer for a branch whose sale is 13th Nov. Seller registration opens this week and will close after a set number of sellers has registered. It may already be late for sales running in early to mid October. There is another sale “season” running from late February through to May but this current season is best for selling off toys because of Christmas.

    Also, if you are selling at a ticket sale, there is quite a bit of effort involved – tagging items, completing seller’s lists, checking the condition of everything, putting clothes on hangers and so forth. Read the instructions carefully so that you do it right as it’s all staffed by volunteers who have limited time available, and give yourself plenty of time. Don’t register with a week to go and a pile of stuff to sell.

    Hope this helps.

  2. naomi
    September 29, 2010 / 7:19 am

    I have never done an NCT sale as most of the stuff I have goes to friends who have younger children. I do know that they are great sales to do – everyone is looking for a bargain and if you don’t want to give your stuff away why not make a bit of money.

  3. September 29, 2010 / 1:25 pm

    Wow, thanks for the mention! NCT volunteers across the country are very busy preparing for hundreds of sales happening in October and November, so it’s the perfect time to look for a sale near you. You can find them here: http://www.nct.org.uk

    Tim – NCT fundraising

  4. September 29, 2010 / 10:58 pm

    I’ve just done my first NCT sale as a seller having previously been a buyer and volunteer at other sales. I just had a few clothes to sell but I made over £42 on items I would otherwise have put in a charity recycling bin because no local charity shops take baby kit.

    I feel much happier knowing my pre-loved clothes went to people who would really appreciate them, it’s really green, the NCT benefits and so do I. I am a huge fan of the shop-style sales – even if it does mean I end up spending a chunk of what I make – because it’s just so easy to find a great bargain!

    If you’re in West London or Surrey way there’s still a few spaces left for sellers at our 6th Nov sale (I’m having a go at selling some bigger items like my son’s old cot) but there’s plenty of buyers (300+ at last sale) so email nnsrichmond@hotmail.co.uk if you want to join me!

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