A mothers ramblings

I have been involved in a blog swap and my swap partner is the gorgous Pippa from a mothers ramblings. Enjoy her post….it’s fab and it really makes you think. Over to Pippa……………

A mothers ramblings
Hi Everyone!
If I were asked to define myself I would say I was a Stay-at-Home-Mummy. Technically I am a Work-at-Home-Mummy but I don’t really count my job as work as it is a lot of fun. Plus whilst I’m working I am normally playing with Baby Boy or watching him play or Tweeting or reading blogs… you get the picture right?

Last Tuesday I took a day off of being a SAHM. Daddy took the day off and dealt with the school run and looking after Baby Boy for the day. As I went swanning off to London I was worrying. I was worried that Baby Boy was going to scream the house down when he realised that I wasn’t around and then hate me forever more, I was worried that I didn’t have my security of my four walls or my label of SAHM.

I didn’t need to worry though as when Daddy and Baby Boy picked me up from the train station later that day, Baby Boy flashed me a smile to let me know that he didn’t hate me for leaving him and was very interested in the bag of goodies that I was carrying.

When I walked in the front door I could tell that something was different.

A quick glance round the living room showed that the floor was hoovered. The clean clothes that had been dumped on the back of the sofa by me weren’t there. Oh my Goodness was it true? There were no toys spilled across the floor…

I went to the kitchen. The kitchen was shiny. There were no dishes on the side or in the sink. The washing machine was running and there were no piles of colour sorted washing on the Kitchen floor.

That evening as I worked I questioned Daddy on what he had done hour by hour. Minute by minute. He had done all the household chores for the day, he had run some errands, he had played with Baby Boy.

He had done more chores in one day than I had gotten round to in the last week. He was a better me than I was. I shall now have to work hard at being a better him than he is. Now, where’s that copy of FHM…


And a bit about Pippa just in case you didn’t know…
Pippa AKA Mummy  is a SAHM (well WAHM) to daughter Top Ender (age 6) and son Baby Boy (nearly 2) and loving wife to Daddy. She tries to fill her week with housework, playing with Baby Boy and Top Ender and her weekends making memories… she fails on the housework front though.
Her blog name is A Mothers Ramblings and the url is http://www.amothersramblings.com
and her Twitter url is http://www.twitter.com/PippaD as her twitter profile name is @PippaD

Thank you Pippa ….what a beautiful family you have….and do you rent out your husband?





  1. Vegemitevix
    March 5, 2010 / 9:33 am

    After hearing all that I rather like the idea of husband swap. Is he ‘well-equipped your husband Pipad?’

    Does he bring round his own hoover? x

  2. March 5, 2010 / 9:38 am

    my first thought would be “what is he after”!

    MadDad would make a better at home person than me, but he earns more

  3. March 5, 2010 / 11:08 am

    I bet you could do the same in a day if you didn’t have more important things to do. Like twitter and blogging!

  4. March 5, 2010 / 12:53 pm

    Vegemitevix – Well equipped, he has his own pinny and everything…

    MadMum – Honestly he just is like that, he can’t do nothing!

    Vic – I did think that, but then realised that I would still put the jobs off!

  5. Heather @notesfromlapland
    March 5, 2010 / 8:54 pm

    am envious! where did you get him, I want one!

  6. April 11, 2010 / 11:36 am

    If you promise not to tell my Mum I shall tell you where I found him Heather… on the internet but Ssssh!

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