New UnderJams from Pampers are designed to look and fit like underwear so that they can be worn discreetly under pajamas.  Basically they are nappies that look like pants and their purpose is to stop older kids feeling self conscious or ‘babyish.’




As is the way of the world by the time the product arrived for trial my family no longer needed them but luckily we knew a kid who did! UnderJams are billed as being unique because they are….


underjams1.   Absorbent underwear that helps kids get the nighttime protection they need with the privacy they want.

2.   Designed like underwear so that protection is made private.

3.   Helps provide nighttime protection without the world having to know.

4.   The quietest Pyjama pant


The little girl (aged 5) who tried them out for my review found them to be ‘more discreet, less bulky and a lot sweetwer smelling the next day’ (her mums words not hers) although she had no complaints either. Certainly discreet enough for a sleepover was her mums opionon. Brilliant …they did exactly what it said on the packet.

Pampers say:

“The challenges faced by bedwetting can be especially hard. UnderJams wishes to help parents notjust manage the problem with the new product, but also help overcome the problem by working with the charity ERIC, so parents can understand the causes of bedwetting and read up on top tips that may help provide a solution. If you have any questions or would like a sample to trial for free please go to http://www.supersavvyme.com/underjams the product has just hit the shelves.”


Good Value?

These retail at £5.19 similar to their contemporaries but I am assured much better quality
which makes them a good value buy.




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  1. April 25, 2010 / 4:39 pm

    We tried these out and really liked them. There is no creaky-crinkly nappy noise because they are very soft. We have tired Dry Nites and they leaked so we would buy these in future. The only thing I would say is that they seem to be designed for the average child. My daughter is smaller than average; even though she is nearly 7 they were actually a little on the big size and so not as discreet as I would have liked, not that it bothered her. She still fits into pull-ups so it would be a whole before we needed to buy these. But if we do, we would.

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