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In the UK we rely on the RSPCA and trust them as if they were our very own NHS and police force for animals forgetting they are not government funded but actually a charity who absolutely need our financial support to do their job

Today 24 blog posts are being published in 24 hours about the work of the RSPCA. I am absolutely delighted to be part of this move to highlight the RSPCA and the great work they do and  really do hope this elevates the profile of the RSPCA  and helps generates donations.

Last Saturday was a hot, sticky kind of a day., Outside my local mini supermarket there was a bewildered looking dog tied up to a post and surrounded by kids on bikes. Thinking they were taunting him I went running up and demanded to know what was going on (I’m a bit like that!) Bless the kids – they were actually really worried about the dog. They had been hanging around on their bikes and noticed it had been left tied up outside the shop for nearly an hour. They had been in the shop and the shop’s staff had asked everyone but noone owned the dog. They had bought it water and were waiting. ‘Waiting for the owner?’ I said to one little boy. ‘No’ he said with utter conviction ‘ I’m waiting for the RSPCA they’ll definitely sort it out.’

And that was it,,safe as houses, utterly trustworthy, we rely, depend and count on the RSPCA to come and sort it out. The kids knew exactly who to call and who to trust and lucky for the little dog their faith was so well placed! They had made the right call.

RSPCA frontline staff can be called out to rescue an animal at time and in any situation. Imagine if the owner turned up at the same time as they RSPCA and the crowd of kids  got upset too. I have to say I did think the kids were making the dog a bit nervous too by crowding around and he could well have got upset with RSPCA staff trying to take him off . Who knows what they are walking in too!

The animals they come to rescue may be scared, angry, mistrusting, wild, injured and reluctant to cooperate completely terrified of people. The staff work day and night  and receive an emergency call every 30 seconds. They deal with nearly 1000 incidents a day. They have been going nearly 200 years

Check out the RSPCA on twitter at:  http://twitter.com/rspca_frontline and let’s really help them build their profile and increase donations as these are 100% of their funding. We rely on them and we and all those beautiful, amazing, adorable, but so vulnerable animals need them too. They need them to save them, treat them, rehabilitate and re- home them.

Doesn’t the RSPCA rock!

Can you help?

Can you spare them a little donation? Every £1 really helps them out. Ifyou can donate at all please can you


Thank you so much x


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