9 Benefits Of Bitcoin Trading Beginners Should Know About

Bitcoin (BTC) has grown rapidly and established itself as a viable store of digital value. Many traders and individuals are choosing to take advantage of this Cryptocurrency and its innovative payment network. As a beginner you may be wondering how investing in Bitcoins can be helpful to you. Today we will cover 9 key benefits of bitcoin trading every beginner should consider. Read on for more.


Benefits Of Bitcoin Trading Beginners

Fast Transactions

Internet Banking can take a long time transferring money. In fact, this is one of the biggest issues with flat currency. There are parts of the banking system which can be especially slow. For example, paying in cheques or making international transfers can be daunting to deal with. In comparison, Bitcoin is much quicker to use. Regardless of the location, you can receive your BTC immediately. Zero-confirmation transfers are made right away whilst confirmed transactions take approximately 10 minutes to clear. Remember that there are no limits of how much you can send, and the transfer cannot be reversed.


Ease Of Use

Firstly, Bitcoin is getting easier to use. There is no requirement to have a full understanding of the technology behind it. Although you may need some basic knowledge, it is simple to navigate. You can buy it, sell it, and use it to purchase goods wherever it is accepted. It is even possible to instantly convert cash to BTC on Paxful. Making a Bitcoin payment is a straightforward process as well. All you have to do is transfer from your digital wallet to somebody else’s using an app or website. Then, payments are processed and verified by a network of people with specialist software called Bitcoin miners.

Bitcoin Trading Beginners

Lower Fees

Although credit cards are quick to use as well, transaction fees can be costly in many cases. What is more, credit cards carry the risk of incurring late fees, foreign transaction fees or interest charges. This in turn can affect your credit score negatively. Additionally, in some situations even debit cards can include a swipe fee. On the other hand, Bitcoin transfers require a smaller fee for miners or no fee at all. This can ensure no interruptions from intermediaries thus offering a greater simplicity when placing the transaction. It also means that there will be no minimum balance fees or maintenance.


High Growth Potential

Bitcoin value is most likely going to increase. It is also expected to become the best asset to invest in. Due to its innovative technology and infrastructure, a variety of well-known companies and banks are beginning to introduce blockchain technology into their networks. Also, more places are now accepting Bitcoin. If you would like to know where you can spend your Cryptocurrency, check out this list of retailers who have enabled Bitcoin as a payment option. This presents a whole new financial mechanism which can be utilised in the future.


Increased Privacy

Bitcoin transactions are anonymous which offers a major selling point. Securing our data is crucial nowadays. We are often asked to fill in forms including sensitive information without any guarantees our information will be protected. On the contrary, Bitcoin payments do not require any personal data. A Bitcoin wallet owner will have one or multiple public keys acting as their Bitcoin address which is the only information needed to complete a transaction. You will also be the only one who knows how many Bitcoins you own. Additionally, if your private key ever becomes public, a new wallet address will be generated to keep you safe.


Improved Flexibility

By using Bitcoin payments, people no longer have to carry money everywhere. It offers the flexibility of buying everything with a single click. As opposed to traditional currencies and forms of payment, Bitcoin requires no permission from anyone to be used. If you are travelling to a different country, you can make a transaction anywhere without having to look for a local bank. This also takes away the inconvenience of converting your cash into a foreign currency at each new location. However, remember to do proper research on the countries and travel operators which accept Bitcoins.


Decentralised Nature

Bitcoins are independent of any central authority. Therefore, institutions such as the government or central banks cannot interfere with Bitcoin transactions. BTC trades allow customers to have complete control over their private key. For instance, other companies such as PayPal may decide to deactivate your account if it is not used enough. However, with Bitcoin trading you do not need to worry about this happening. Moreover, Bitcoin is not affected by other markets. This means that when exchanges fall down, there will be no impact on BTC. Its decentralised nature provides an opportunity to diversify investments in a place free from third-party organisations.


No Risk Of Inflation

Inflation usually occurs when the purchasing power of a given currency declines over time. However, Bitcoin is designed to be inherently deflationary as the system was created to be finite. Speculations suggest that the number is 21 million coins. Moreover, the creation of new Bitcoin is set to reduce in a predictable way.  Therefore, as there is no possibility of issuing excess currencies, the risk of inflation is almost non-existent. Inflation concerns are part of the reason why many investors have been focusing on the usage of Bitcoins.


Fewer Risks

Bitcoin provides transparency to users ensuring their information is safe. As the entire transaction is based online, your identity is kept hidden. This plays an important role in avoiding targeted data breaches. Also, as this is a digital currency, a physical theft cannot take place. Although cybercriminals can steal Cryptocurrency if they obtain the private key to a wallet, implementing proper security measures can prevent this from happening.  Every single transaction is also recorded in an open distributed ledger using blockchain technology. If someone attempts to make any unauthorised changes, this will be detected immediately.

Bitcoin provides you with financial freedom to make transactions all over the world. These are the main benefits associated with its usage. They can help you determine whether or not this would be a worthwhile investment for you.


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