7 Durable and Resistant Clothing Choices For Tweens

What do you look for when shopping for clothes? For most people, durability is an important factor.  The all-season jacket, the jeans that never need to be washed, the boots that can stand up to anything are what most people want in their clothes – especially when buying for kids.

Tweens are often at a stage where they are trying to find themselves and their individuality. One of the best ways for them to express themselves is through what they wear, but there’s more than just fashion involved. Durability plays into tween clothing choices as well, because children are constantly active, learning new things, and being adventurous so having durable clothes is essential. It’s important that your tween can buy clothing that he or she can wear over and over again. These types of clothing are durable, resistant, easy to clean, and stylish for your tween.


Durable and Resistant Clothing Choices For Tweens


Denim jeans can be found in many colors or distressed for a more faded look. They are very comfortable and fit easily into any style your tween desires. Denim jeans are easily washed but don’t always hold their color well since denim can change color slightly with every wash. Durable denims have a thicker finish so they will not be as sensitive to tearing. Denim’s durability is one of the most important features when it comes to buying clothing for tweens.

Shirts with Buttons Up the Front

Button front shirts are wonderful for school uniforms or everyday business dress attire while staying young at heart with bright colors or cool graphic prints. Shirts made from cotton blend material offer the best of both worlds with the softness of cotton comfort and the durability to be worn repeatedly.

Sweaters and Cardigans

Cardigans are a great choice for tween girls who want to wear something more stylish than your traditional sweatshirt or t-shirt. Tweens may find this clothing style very trendy. Trendy sweaters can be found in leather or suede material if your daughter desires a more polished look. Leather offers protection against spills while suede material catches spills easily which make it an even better option. Sweater coats are also available made from pure wool or cashmere for year-round warmth without looking too bulky.

Terry Clothing

This may seem like an interesting option when you want clothing for children, but it is a very durable and chic way of dressing your kids. Plus, kids often love terry clothes since the fabric is soft to start, gets softer the more its washed. Rompers often come in terry cloth, and they are easy to wear, wash, fold, and wear again for tweens of different ages. They also flatter nearly any body style, allowing your child to feel confident while feeling comfortable.

Bamboo Shirts and Pajamas

If you want to find your child something that is durable and incredibly soft, then you want bamboo. It is often combined with cotton or rayon to increase its durability. However, it starts off as a sustainable fashion item that you can add to their wardrobe since the resources to make it are also sustainable. Let your kids have fun with both shirts and pajamas made from bamboo. You may like it so much that you go out and buy a pair for yourself!

Sweat Suits

Although sweat suits are not considered fashion statements, they are great clothes for your tweens to wear when they are active outside. Sweat suits allow them to move about freely while still being able to wipe away perspiration without ruining their good clothing choices. They should have at least one sweat suit in their wardrobe closet.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are an excellent durable clothing choice for tweens who like pockets. Plus, they offer a lot of room to move around in their clothing while still looking fashionable at the same time.

How to Tell if Your Choices Are Durable

The durability of children’s clothing typically indicates how long the child can expect to wear their garments before they become threadbare or too small. Durability also describes how well-made a piece of clothing is – does it have loose threads? Are stitches tight? Is fabric sewn together well? These are all factors that influence how durable a piece of clothing will be for your child.


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