6 Ways to Save Money When Reroofing

Getting a new roof for your house is one of the most expensive home repairs you’ll ever have to make. Asphalt roofs typically last 12 to 20 years, so you can probably expect to replace at least one in your lifetime.

Even though it’s one of the more significant repairs you can make to your home, there are some ways you can save money while reroofing. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most effective things you can do to get discounts and save some cash.


6 Ways to Save Money When Reroofing


  1. Check Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Before you look at the prices of a new roof, check your homeowners insurance policy. Your insurance company may cover the entire cost of reroofing depending on the reason you need it done.

For example, if hail caused damage to your roof over time or another type of storm, your policy could cover it.


  1. Shop Around

Talk to a few different roofing contractors before deciding to hire one. Ask for specific quotes and detailed plans about how they will replace your roof. How long do they expect the project to take? Do they offer any discounts?

Make sure your contractor is reliable and reputable. It’s best to go with someone who was recommended to you. Ask your friends, family, or even a real estate agent, if you know one, to give you the name of a roofing contractor.


  1. Take Advantage of the Off-Season

Did you know that roofers actually have an off-season? That’s right! And you can take advantage of this time of year because most contractors offer discounted prices. Plus, you’ll have your roof replaced even quicker because they aren’t as busy.


Ways to Save Money When Reroofing

  1. Ask for a Neighborhood Discount

Like many home maintenance services, roofing contractors offer a neighborhood discount if multiple homes in the area need a new roof. So, ask your neighbors if they’ve had their roof inspected lately and see if they’re interested in receiving a discounted reroofing service.

Not only will your contractor be grateful for more clients, but your neighbors will thank you for saving them money and protecting their homes even better.


  1. Compare Reroofing to Repairing Costs

Before you decide to get a brand new roof installed on your house, ask for repair estimates. If you can save a great deal of money by simply repairing the problem areas of your roof and you’ll still get many more years out of your roof, this may be the way to go.

However, consider the longevity of your investment. Will the repair hold up as well as getting a new roof? If in a few years you’ll have to replace your roof anyway, it’s probably best to just bite the bullet and get it done now.


  1. Reuse Materials if Possible

Talk to your contractor about possibly using materials that are still in good condition. Some roofers can reuse the flood flashing or some metalwork that hasn’t been damaged when reroofing your home. This could cut down on the overall cost of the materials on the project.


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