Ways to Organize Your Nursery for a Happy Mum and a Happy Baby

The first few weeks and months of a baby’s life revolve around feeding, sleeping, washing, and cuddling. It’s a simple routine that can get quite frustrating when you’re not equipped with the right tools and methods. This is why an organized nursery is especially crucial in keeping you and your baby happy as soon as you come home from the hospital. When you create an environment that is conducive for relaxation and child-rearing, you significantly lessen the stress that usually comes in this stage of parenthood. 

That said, it’s important to note that your choice of organizing equipment and process is integral to your success. 

Not every useful item you see in baby stores will work for you and your child. The following tips are helpful not only in identifying which methods will benefit you the most, but also in narrowing down which items are truly important.


Everything About Sleep for a Happy Baby

This is undoubtedly the number one stressor for most parents.

When you simply want a few hours of shut eye but your baby won’t let you have it, you need to come prepared with a solution. One of those is creating a zone in your nursery specifically for sleeping. This means the crib is surrounded by everything you will need to keep it clean, dry, and organized. 

One expert tip that will speed up the process of resolving accidents is to double down on the sheets and mattress protector. Creating two layers of this will make it easier to give your baby a clean cot to sleep on after you’ve washed and changed them. Simply strip off the first layer of sheet and protector, and voila! You have another one ready for use. 

Keep every sheet, protector, blanket, and other necessities nearby. Adding another shelf is not the best solution, as it will eat up precious space. What you need is to make use of a frequently neglected area, and that’s the gap under the crib. Use baskets or storage boxes that fit right under so that you can simply pull them out when you need to access your supplies. 


Happy Baby


Everything About Feeding

Feeding needs to be a peaceful process. As such, you’ll want everything you need to be within reach at all times. Decide on a feeding area in the nursery and make sure that it’s equipped with a chair that you are comfortable in. Otherwise, you might soon find yourself dreading this activity. 

Apart from having breastfeeding pillows, lotions, nursing pads, burping cloths, and other necessary paraphernalia beside your nursing station, you’ll also want to have things for entertainment. 

Keep a side table stacked with books, magazines, or even a tablet and headphones for watching your favorite series. 

You also need to keep a charging dock accessible without having to bend down or reach too far in a certain direction. Expect that you will be spending quite some time in that station, so have everything you need to be comfortable and entertained.


Everything About Changing Stations

Your changing table needs to come with a flexible storage area. This is a non-negotiable if you want to stay sane throughout the endless process of cleaning and changing your baby. Some people buy desks with drawers and attach a changing table on top, while others buy the entire changing unit itself. There are plenty to choose from, so make sure to go for one that suits your style without eating too much room in your nursery. 

If you can make use of dividers in drawers, do so. This is a life-saver, as it will keep you from looking through stacks of items before finding what you’re looking for. 

Why does it need to be flexible?  As your baby grows, so will their needs.

You’ll want to be able to reshuffle the order of things to keep the process manageable at all times.


Everything About Storing Outgrown Stuff

Your baby will outgrow their clothes at an incredible pace. Some of the clothes, shoes, and equipment they needed only a week ago will suddenly be unsuitable for use. 

As you’re bringing in new things, you’ll want to have a plan for storing old clothes.

Without a solution, you’ll find you may easily lose track of your baby’s belongings and make a mess of your nursery. 


The best place to put these vacuum storage bags is on the top or bottom shelf of a closet or any under-furniture space available. Keep them out of the way but also easy to access for throwing in outgrown items. 

Continually filling these boxes will maintain orderliness in your nursery, and you can keep better track of their evolving needs.


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