Nursery Wall Decals – Baby Room Decor on a Budget

Nursery wall decals are the answer when you are looking to decorate your baby’s room on a budget.

Wallpaper can be price y and can be time consuming to put  up. It is also a massive fuss to take it down when your baby grows and you fancy a change.

Hanging pictures comes with the concern they may fall down and whilst they brighten what is perhaps a plain and simply painted room who wants that worry near a baby?

Nursery wall decals have so many benefits over paint and wallpaper and hung art.

Let’s take a look at the top benefits.


Nursery Wall Decals

The benefits of Nursery Wall Decals

When it comes to nursery wall stickers and decals the benefits are huge.

The variety of choice – colours and themes

There is an absolutely huge range of kids wall stickers to choose from for a start and they really are gorgeous. Sprinkled through this post are examples of the range at TenStickers and oh my goodness there are SO many more for you to choose from too.


Nursery Wall Decals


The price

Nursery Wall Decals are so much less expensive than wallpaper and are around £25 for a metre long decal. Amazing value and they make such an impression in a room!


The speed of application

If you have five minutes spare you can get your sticker up easily and with no mess…and when you choose to remove it there is no residue either. Now that’s just what you want when you have a little one. babies make a enough mess on their own.


Nursery Wall Decals


You might think because wall decals and Wall Stickers  are so cheap it follows that the quality is poor. This is not the case at all in fact at Tenstickers they use really high quality material that actually have a 15 year life span. How amazing is that!


Personalised Nursery Wall Decals

Tenstickers  have a fantastic text customisation service, perfect for making your very own customised text stickers with your babies name on. You can even create your own images using photos you upload. How’s that for a bespoke service.


So you baby’s room can look totally special  without lots of effort, lots of cost and lots of mess. I think you will agree with me when I say nursery wall decals are a great way to get a beautiful baby room on a budget and a way to make it super special.


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