50 fun things to do at the seaside on a budget


50 fun things to do at the seaside on a budget, things to do at the seaside



Today – 50 fun things to do at the seaside on a budget


Are you looking for fun things to do at the seaside on a budget? Beaches are so fabulous aren’t they and a wonderful place to spend time as a family. Beaches lend themselves to lots of free (or nearly free fun) I asked twitter for their ideas of fun things to do at the seaside and this is their rather brilliant list of

What to do at the seaside

Fossil Hunting

Bag of chips on a bench by the sea

fun things to do at the seaside on a budget
Photo Credit: Idleformat

Digging for worms where you see the curly wurly lines in the sand

Buckets, spades & fishing nets are all you need for hours of fun, we keep ours in the car now!

Scrunch buckets are great!

Take plenty of toys/games so you don’t get stung for buckets/spades/balls/frisbees/fishing

Take some of those large silicone baking pans that are in shapes. Children can fill them up and make unusual sandcastles

Don’t forget acamera to make a scrap book of photos

More things to do at the seaside ……

Sand pie making – take wooden spoons, plastic bowls and cups,

Treasure fun – bury pirate coins for little pirates to find

Searching 4 the strangest looking crab under rocks & in rock pools. Make it a competition, with an ice cream as a reward

If it is cold then it is who can escape the waves, all walk forward and see who can hold their nerve longest when waves come

Sand angels are fun

Treasure hunt – list of things to find in a bucket,

Take a picnic.

things to do at the seaside
You can also make sand cars / boats – a large one to sit in – hours of imagination

Collecting shells and stones for crafting or
Creating “landart” with shells and stones.

Fly a kite

Sand hurdles – little piles of sand to jump over,

Embedded image permalinkPhoto Credit: Childcare is Fun

Kwik cricket

Wave jumping (holding hands with a grown up)

Create pictures of people with seaweed for hair, shells for nose and eyes

Following animal tracks

Building sandcastles

Paddling of course

I always take five small coloured plastic balls in the sun cream bag and we make a track with hills and tunnels and sandcastles and then you flick a ball each around the track to see who wins – hours of fun

We have a pot at home and save up 2ps to take to the arcades in the holidays.

Look up the local tourist office for discounts /  bargains and offers in and around the beach

Write your name in the sand or the name of those you love

Photo credit: harshlight

Sand dune jumping,

Comedy photo burying kids up to their neck and pretending its someone’s head fallen off,

Making homemade flags for the castles

Skimming stones

The old fave, grab a hand full of stones and have a competition to see who can be the first to hit a large pebble

Shadow puppets

Hunting in rock pools 🙂

Play French cricket

Collect Shells

Take homemade rock pool treasure hunt sheets with you to identify shells, seaweed etc

We make villages (they fight over one) – do you know the best bit though – smashing it up again lol

Races are fun in the sand – it’s harder work.

We like finding  pebbles to take home and paint

Scavenger hunt! Make list before hand. Stone with hole in, green seaweed, drift wood,  etc.

Wow what a great list of  fun things to do at the seaside on a budget
Huge thanks to the lovely contributors from Twitter who helped me with this list of things to do at the seaside on a budget. Mwah.
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 things to do at the seaside on a budget
I do hope you have enjoyed this post on things to do at the seaside on a budget






  1. Dawn Frazier
    July 23, 2013 / 6:17 pm

    This is a great list. Thanks for some great ideas. I will have to make sure we try some of these over the summer holidays 🙂
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