European Holiday Parcs, Spoilt for choice

Today – European Holiday Parcs

I have been thinking a lot about holidays recently and next year is going be a significant one for us holiday wise. We are going to take our kids abroad. I have made a promise and they are desperate to hit foreign climes. It will be their first trip. We need to get passports and we probably need to start saving.

I am going to give them each a little savings jar and a  target of £15 each to raise towards ‘going overseas’ as they say.

I think it will give them huge satisfaction to save this and I am trying to encourage good savings habits as the pull of Match Attax cards and Starbursts is very strong!  I am hoping the pull of an overseas adventure is stronger!

I know they fancy Disneyland Florida but I know that isn’t in our price range. I don’t really fancy a package holiday with a small room in a big hotel.  I like the idea of the freedom and cost of camping (but without a back breaking tent!)

I have been looking at Keycamp holidays and I have to say they look pretty much exactly what I had in mind.I like to be flexible and independent when we go away but I have very active kids so I also like there to be lots to do.Much as they want to go abroad and experience new cultures I know that they will also want and need lots of play time and swimming too so I want a cultural experience for them without it being purely that.


European Holiday Parcs

This is a Keycamp parc in Gascony in France,  doesn’t the pool look lovely?

European Holiday Parcs

and this is watersports Austrain camp style

With Keycamp we would get a lot of options and the prices are very good value, particularly if you bag one of their special deals.

We can go when we we like for as long as we like. The parcs are all over Europe so  we can choose our destination. There are pools and free kids clubs, which look great fun on site.  We can self cater ( we are all veggie so this is perfect for us) They have mobile homes or chalets and bungalows (even treehouses as accommodation) and they all look modern and fresh and very comfortable.

Some parcs are near cities, some near beaches or the countryside, there are just so so many choices. They look amazing.

If you want to see for yourself just  click here


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