3 key home renovations to take care of with a young family

home renovations to take care of with a young family

Home renovations to take care of with a young family

Here I share what I consider to be the 3 key home renovations to care of with a young family.

There are just so many things to consider aren’t there when you have a young family. So many pulls on your budget and your attention and on your time. Some things cannot be ignored though can they.



Whilst staircases never seem a particularly glamorous thing to renovate they are actually a really key area to attend to. As soon as children are crawling stairs become a big adventure. First, you will use a stair gate to ward them off but pretty soon they will be scooting up and down those stairs on their knees and then on their little legs. You need your stairs to be strong and sturdy and you stair-rails to be the same. You may well want to get a staircase renovation done before your little one is on the move!

As well as being a safety issue I believe a good looking staircase really pulls a home together in my opinion and it can make all the difference.


Damp & Mould

Damp can be a huge problem for anyone’s health and you really want to protect your children from this. Damp and mould are caused by excess moisture.

There can be so many root causes for this including roof damage allowing the rain in,  leaky pipes, lack of ventilation in bathrooms. The important thing is to identify the root cause and then tackle the problem.

Mould is caused by damp and can be a real problem to health and needs to be gotten rid of as soon as possible. The NHS suggest you only remove mould yourself in these circumstances

 if it’s caused by condensation and covers an area less than 1 metre squared (1×1 metre or 3×3 feet). Don’t try to remove the mould yourself if it’s caused by sewage or other contaminated water.

If you do remove it yourself they advise safety goggles and gloves and a mask to cover your nose and mouth.

Babies and children are vulnerable and consequently more sensitive to damp and mould. Mould can cause allergic reactions and bring on and worsen asthma. It needs tackling.



Having your windows refurbished is key to keeping your home not only looking fabulous but also functioning well.  So much heat is lost and cold air let in by poor fitting windows. We want to keep our young families warm and safe, so getting well fitted and double glazed windows is vital. This will also work to keep our energy bills down so is a good investment.

You want to consider too that children are inquisitive and to make your windows safe. Sash windows can be potentially dangerous with little children as can the use of blinds if you don’t consider safety measures. These all need thinking through.


I am sure there are many more home renovations to take care of with a young family that you can think of. I have shared with you 3 I feel are key to keeping a young family safe. What would you add?


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