25 brilliant baby freebies !

today – brilliant baby freebies

A fab guest post from the good folks at Lovemoney.com about baby freebies

How to get free nappies, free cuddly toys, free baby food, free baby books, free money from the Government – and more!


Brilliant baby freebies

Check out these amazing baby freebies!

They’re cute and cuddly, but they can be expensive little things, clocking up £9,152 in running costs within their first year alone, according to insurance firm, LV=

So, if you’re a new parent feeling the financial squeeze – here are 25 fantastic baby freebies to help you cut down those crazy baby costs!

Before giving birth

1. Health In Pregnancy Grant. No matter what your income, if you’re 25 weeks pregnant or more, the Government will give you £190 tax free. Get a claim form from your midwife or doctor or find out more at www.direct.gov.uk.

2. Free clothes and baby equipment. On a low income? You may be able to get help from the charity Care Confidential where local centres offer free clothes and baby equipment.

3. Free fruit and veg – worth £160 a year if you’re pregnant or have at least one child under four and you’re receiving certain benefits. Under the ‘Healthy Start’ scheme you can get a voucher worth a minimum of £3.10 each week.

4. Free dental treatment. Get this while you’re pregnant and for one year after the birth. Get the paperwork to fill in from your doctor, midwife or health visitor so you can apply for a Maternity Exemption Certificate.

5. Free prescriptions while you’re pregnant and for one year after the birth – these are the same forms as for the free dental treatment.

6. Free vitamins – supplements available under the ‘Healthy Start’ scheme from NHS clinics, health centres, your midwife or health visitor or call 0845 607 6823.

 Brilliant baby freebies


After giving birth

7. Child Benefit. You can claim Child Benefit as soon as your baby is born. You’ll get £20.30 a week for your eldest or only child, and an extra £13.40 for any additional children. It’s not means-tested, so you can claim regardless of income; find out more at www.direct.gov.uk

8. Tax Credits. There are two types on offer; Working Tax Credit (basic element worth up to £1,920 a year) and the Child Tax Credit (basic element worth up to £545 per family, and up to £2,300 a year for the child element). Find out more here.

9. Free books. Once your baby reaches seven to nine months, you should get a free Bookstart pack (with two board books and a placemat) from your health centre.

10. Free baby music and play class when you apply for a trial session at Gymboree. Classes are around forty minutes and you can find your nearest one on the site.

11. Free Pampers nappies worth £14 when you sign up and refer a friend at Free Nappies.

12. £40 of Argos vouchers when you register your details with Emma’s Diary. Plus you’ll get a voucher to swap for a free goodie pack from Lloyds Pharmacy.

13. Free magazine. Get a free copy of Bumps & Babies Magazine with heaps of advice for new parents when you sign up here.

14. Free Disney potty training chart – choose from four designs to download along with stickers at Potty Training, plus lots of helpful advice for Mums & Dads.

15. Free Johnson’s Baby Soothing Naturals Cream – perfect for relieving dry skin. Sign up here for your free sample.

16. Free Heinz baby food when you pop into a Welcome Break motorway service station – you’ll find supplies near the baby corner along with a microwave for warming baby’s milk.

17. Free photos so you can send out gorgeous pictures of your little one – just sign up to Photo Box for 40 free 6 x 4 prints.

18. Free cuddly polar bear and nutrition advice if you sign up with Aptamil.

19. Cots and nursery furniture – for the ultimate in freebies check out Freegle where you can give and receive stuff for free.  Put in your postcode to find what’s available in your area.


Join the club

There are lots of ‘baby clubs’ out there offering freebies, as well as online forums for advice and support. Once you’ve registered online you’ll get sent the freebies; but naturally it’s a savvy way for companies to get you on their mailing list. It’s a good idea to set up a separate email account if you don’t want to be inundated with future promotional offers.

20. Free baby gift basket worth £30 packed with goodies for both Mum & Baby with Mum’s gifts including moisturiser, foundation and mascara from Tesco Baby & Toddler Club when you buy a pack of Pampers newborn nappies for £3.74

21. Free ‘Mum & Baby Bundle’ with Huggies nappies, changing mat, shower gel and baby wipes worth £9.99 from Sainsbury’s ‘Little Ones’ club.

22.  Changing bag worth £29.99 when you sign up to Boots Parenting Club or register in store.

23. Free baby rice, cereals and weaning spoon from Heinz Baby, as well as vouchers and coupons.

24. ‘Bounty’ goodie pack with lots of info and samples when you register at Bounty.com or ask your midwife or health visitor.

25. Free baby record book when you register with hippbabyclub.co.uk.


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