10 top questions to ask at kids activity camps

We all worry about where pur kids go and righlty so . Here are 10 top questions to ask at kids activity camps prior to enrolling your child


The UK’s leading Healthy Lifestyle Activities Provider, Fit for Sport, has been working with children and sport for more than 20 years and runs over 30, OFSTED registered, activity camps which cater for 54,000 children, aged three to twelve, per year.  To find out where Fit For Sport activity camps are running in your area visit www.fitforsport.co.uk. We also are running a fit for sport competition to win a free place over half term for your child at babybudgteing this week.

 At Fit For Sport activity camps kids will experience a wide range of activities including a variety of different sports, games, keep fit activities, arts and crafts.  Not only will they use up all their excess energy but at the same time have fun, meet friends and learn new skills.

Craig Jones, Operations Director at Fit for Sport has more than 14 years experience in working with children and was once a PE teacher himself.  To help parents make an informed decision here are Craig’s top 10 tips for choosing a holiday club this half term: 

1.            Do your research – How long has it been running and is it on any of the Government’s registers such as OFSTED? 

2.            Who will be looking after the children? It is a requirement that group leaders at holiday camps should have a Level 2/3 qualification (dependent on the activity and age of the children) in Activity, Working with Children, Childcare or Play

3.            Are the children split into age specific categories? Children have different stamina levels at different ages, so it is important that they are split into groups that will allow for this.

4.            How many children are in each group? It is worth knowing how many children are in any one group.  For Good practice a group of children should be 24. 

5.            How much does it cost? Check how long the day actually is so that you can work out an hourly rate and compare it to other holiday clubs. 

6.            Is anyone else using the venue? If the venue is being used by another provider then ask to see the procedures they have put in place to handle this. 

7.            Is there a settling in procedure?  Ask how the holiday club settles children into the sessions.

8.            What security measures are in place? Children should be signed in and signed out by a carer or parent at the beginning and end of every session. 

9.            Check out the activity programmes – Children need to have variety to keep them engaged so check to see what the days involve

10.         What questions have they asked you? There is certain information that is vital such as date of birth, allergies, special needs, emergency contacts. 


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