10 simple tips to help a child sleep

Are you looking for simple tips to help a child sleep?

When it comes to sleep absolutely everybody benefits from a good night of uninterrupted slumber. Parents everywhere know that if their child doesn’t sleep they don’t either. Tips to help a child sleep are really useful and I do hope these help you all on the quest to a night of peaceful dreams.

Sleep has so many benefits, in terms of our emotional and physical health and everyone is much more amenable when they have had a good nights rest.  It is in all our interests to promote good sleep. But how do we do it?


tips to help a child sleep


Here are my top ten simple tips to help a child sleep

  • Have a great roller blind that really blacks out the light. Direct Blinds do a great range and this really can mean the difference between a 5 am or 7 am wake up!
  • Don’t allow screens up to an hour before bedtime, nor TV or ipads or phones. Keep devices downstairs at night in a communal area.  The lights from such devices can really interfere with sleep as can the buzz of watching/playing.
  • Try and have regular sleeping and waking times so your child’s body can get into good habits  – I woke to feed my daughter at 5.30 for years and for several years after stopping feeding I would still be wide awake at 5.30 am! Regular habits can be a good (or a bad) thing
  • Wind down time before sleep is really important, milky drinks and a light supper, bathtime, time to read – all these things are conducive to a good nights sleep.
  • Exercise and fresh air are a huge help in creating a child ready to sleep so do plan them into your day.
  • Make sure get the right amount of sleep hours in  – have a look at this NHS sleep guidance to see how many hours your child should be getting.
  • Obviously limit any sugar or caffeine for several hours prior to bedtime.
  • Make sure they go to the toilet before they go to bed.
  • Keep the noise in the house down low but not completely silent as if is silent their sleep or they will be disturbed by even the smallest noise.
  • During holidays and weekends try and keep to routines around sleep as they can be very hard to re-establish once broken.


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  1. March 26, 2019 / 2:18 pm

    Oh this is a great list. I think having fixed times is most effective. However, it is difficult to implement. Kids do hesitate sleeping early so it is difficult to put them to sleep. It takes time but once the timing is set, it becomes easy for both the parents and the child.

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