Why Family Photos Are So Important

It doesn’t really need to be said why our family photos are so important, does it? They’re a frozen moment in time before everybody grows up too fast; something we can hold on to and treasure long after the moment has passed.

Today, we’re going to check out some family photo ideas that are sure to be important to you and your loved ones.

Go Outside

Some of the nicest family photos you’ll ever take are taken in the great outdoors. So, take the family out for an adventure and grab some snaps along the way. You can head to the coast if you’re nearby and attempt some great pics along the water with the sunset framing you.

Equally, more forested and mountainous family pictures are also beautiful. Going outside to take family pictures in nature allows your kids to have organic environments to engage with such as streams, logs, and large stones. If you explore some fun outdoor areas for family photography, you’re sure to come across some stunning environments, creating memories you’ll treasure long after the day is done.


Why Family Photos Are So Important

Get in Bed

For an entirely different aesthetic, get some family snaps of the whole gang being as cosy as possible. Everyone together in their pjs in the master bed is a guaranteed cute picture that you’ll keep close forever. You can get creative by having everyone in matching pyjamas, or mix things up by setting up unexpected angles; everyone’s toes sticking out the bottom of the blanket, for example.

Snaps of your family right after they’ve woken up are sure to make for cute and funny pictures, tired eyes and mid-yawn shots are ones to treasure. Cuddling close is fun for the whole family, and parents can enjoy the beauty of a relatively low-effort setup where going natural is best.


Why Family Photos Are So Important

Dress Accordingly

Whether you stay in bed or head up to the mountains for your family pictures, it is absolutely essential to make sure that everyone is dressed appropriately. We all know that kids aren’t exactly the best liars, and they definitely won’t be able to hide their discomfort if they’re too hold, cold, or wet to be having a nice time.

Bringing a change of clothes to outdoor shoots is a great way of being prepared for unexpected changes in the weather that could turn those smiles into frowns very quickly. Bringing a blanket or two to the beaches or the mountains can also become part of your picture whether you huddle under them or use them as a picnic blanket.

Stay Genuine

Everybody loves candid camera, and there is good reason for that. Capturing your loved ones in their natural element will always ring more true than the forced smile they have to do in school pictures. Favourite activities, snacks, people, and places all come together to create relaxed and genuine expressions from your kids.

A large family gathering can be another option for getting lots of genuine happy smiles from your kids and the rest of your family. Make sure you capture shots of your kids muddy, grinning from ear to ear, sprinting around like wild animals; you’ll appreciate these moments more than their stiff, forced smile pictures.

Show Off

The last but possibly most important factor of family photos is showing them off! Extra special pictures can be stored in valuable frames like silver photograph frames; this not only displays their value to you but also to your kids, who can appreciate how much you loved that specific shot.

For several great pics at a specific location, consider a collage approach to displaying the goods. Equally, if you prefer a more scaled-back, minimalistic approach to interior design (understandable since kids generate enough ‘decorate’ all on their own), then you can utilise a variety of online services to create photo books of your adventures together. Place these on the bookshelf and you can crack them out whenever you want to remember that precious period of time.

And there we have it. You already knew that family photos were so important, but now you have a few ideas to take with you for the next time you want to capture some memories with your closest loved ones.


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