3 Tips for Changing Careers After a Baby

Having a baby can bring about change in all areas of your life – in your relationships, in your home, and even in your job. Becoming a mom usually means re-evaluating what your life and priorities were like prior to having a baby, and making some pretty big changes afterwards to accommodate your little one. Many new moms find themselves desiring a career change during pregnancy and after giving birth, due to a shift in priorities or an inability to balance their current career with the demanding schedule required for caring for their new baby. If you fall into this category, here are a few tips for changing careers after having a baby.


Changing Careers After a Babyeeds


If you’ve just had a baby, it is likely that you feel like your entire life has changed overnight. Think about what areas of your life pre-baby you are able to keep, and what parts need to change. This could include a more flexible schedule, the inability to work early hours or late nights, or just a lack of desire to return to the office and spend time away from your child. Whether you’re a high school teacher or an executive at hsi.com, your previous career just might not fit into your new life as a parent, and that’s okay. Be honest with yourself about what you need, and think about what opportunities might be available to you.


Ask For Advice

Changing careers after having a baby is a major life decision that you should not have to make on your own. During this time, it is more important than ever to lean on others for support – especially those who understand what you are going through. Ask new moms or friends who have previously had babies for advice on the subject matter, and let them guide you through this time in your life.


Changing Careers After a Baby

Embrace Change

Having a baby changes everything about the life you once knew, so it might be tempting to stay at your old job that is familiar to you. Although this might make you feel a bit more comfortable, you will eventually run into trouble in the future if your current career does not meet all of your needs as a new mom. Remind yourself of why you are changing careers and all of the areas in which it will make your life easier.


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