Why caravans are a great investment for a family

Today – Why caravans are a great investment

I have a lovely memory of going to Ingoldmells near Skegness with my granny and grandad, mum  aunt and sister when I was about 8.

We stayed in a caravan and grandad got lost late at night on his way back form the toilets and we had to go searching for him in our nighties. It was really exciting! (not for him probably but my empathy was not too well developed at 8) we had so much fun and I even remember loving washing the pots and going in the little toilet. I thought this mini home was very exciting.

As a mum I have took my children a few times to holiday parks where we have stayed in static caravans. I remember when we went to the first one my little girl who was then aged 3 sat looking at the window for ages before finally sighing and saying Mummy isn’t it ever going to move.

Why caravans are a great investment

Why caravans are a great investment

I have often considered having a caravan of our own particularly with young children. Friends I have that do simply rave about how great they are.

I see lots of positives about caravan holidays for kids.

For a start they can take lots of their own stuff with them and for little kids this can be really reassuring and comforting when they are away from home. They can take potties and highchairs, toys, games, books , the usual cutlery they would use and more. That is so helpful for parents to as being without a child’s essentials can be a real pain and sometimes even unsafe (I’m thinking door locks, safety gates etc.)

Caravans are all on one level so you aren’t worrying about stairs and this is a definite plus with little ones.

If you have a fussy eater you have no problem because you are self catering and can just bring along food you know they will eat from home.

Because a caravan has a living area and separate bedroom you can be near your kids when they sleep but still up watching TV or playing a few games without disturbing them at night.

Your child will get to know your caravan and the period of readjustment that it takes to being on holiday will be less and less as there familiarity with it grows.

Rather than one holiday a year you will probably find with a caravan you go away quite a bit more. Kids love the chance to be out in the open air in the countryside or by the sea. having a caravan makes this much more possible. Crucially too children need down time during holidays and having the caravan to come back to during the day for naps, shelter or entertainment is really useful.

So there are lots of perks to owning a caravan when you have young kids.  I think my absolute favourite has to be the community you get on a caravan and campsite of other families close by with kids to play with.

Caravans don’t have to be madly expensive,  you can find cheap used caravan choices to suit your budget. I think this is a great investment for a family and a real commitment to family fun.




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