Baby on Board! How to Better Protect My Child in the Car

Guest post – How to Better Protect My Child in the Car

If you’ve just had a birth in the family, your car insurance is probably the last thing on your minds. So it might be good to hear that having a baby won’t immediately mean that your insurance rates will shoot up. But protecting your child from harm especially while travelling in a car is still something all parents need to take seriously. A new-born can be a good reason to look at a new car, the best car seats and even your coverage. You might find it’ll lead to some great savings opportunities.

Car Safety for children

As soon as parents put their children in a car, and in fact any time when a child is in their care, they are responsible for the safety of those children. And choosing the right car seat is often the first decision in safe travelling for the kids. The proper child restraint devices are required by law in the UK and will actually net you a £500 fine if you’re caught driving without your child being properly restrained. There are a myriad of car seats to choose from, depending on your child’s age and the car, so it’s best to research ones with the best safety record. It’s worth remembering that car seats should never be fitted in the front seat of a car with passenger airbags. If you’re unsure about child car seats, a couple of good tips are: always buy a new seat, never second-hand, and make sure it is EU-approved; and the best place for a car seat is usually the middle of the rear seat because of the normal crumple zones of a car. When the kids have outgrown the car seat phase in the UK, they can wear an adult seatbelt if they’re over 12 or 1.35m.

Buying a safer car

A new child can often mean a new car and that can mean needing to change your car insurance options. The extra costs of car seats, nappies, baby clothes can quickly add up but the purchase of a new, hopefully safer car can end up saving you a lot of money in the long term. Car length and weight have an influence on its ability to withstand a crash and, in general, the bigger the car, the safer it is. And the safer a car is the more likely your insurance cost are to go down.

Start your search by looking at top-rated cars for safety in the Euro NCAP tests then quickly get an insurance quote from Swiftcoverfor these models and find out what savings the family can make. If you’re buying a second-hard car make sure it has the safety features you want and don’t feel pressured into purchasing a car if it doesn’t meet your safety requirements. You should also consider taking your children and their child seats to the car showroom before purchase for a trial fitting. Now you can travel safe in the knowledge that you and your children are more protected.

For parents, children are the most important thing to protect from harm; make sure you take all the precautions and the best insurance for your car.


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