Why an MOT matters

All drivers know their car needs to have a regular MOT but do you know why an MOT matters so much and what it actually involves?

Why an MOT matters



Why an MOT Matters and Who needs an MOT?

Basically, cars that are three or more years old are required by law to take this test annually. The basic purpose of an MOT tests it to ensure that a car is fit for the road and safe to drive.

It makes complete sense for everyone’s safety that this is a legal requirement. The majority of us are not car experts and would have a little clue if our car were unsafe so having a yearly check by an expert is really smart.


What does an MOT Include in the way of testing?

Guidelines for an MOT test are set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. The actual tests are completed by Ministry of Transport approved examiners,

The test includes the following:

  • Assessment of tyres
  • Brake functioning
  • Working light checks


Is an MOT the same as a service?

Despite a being a comprehensive assessment of your car and its functions an MOT does not replace service and it will not provide you with details on the vehicle’s more general condition and what needs doing.

What happens if my car fails its MOT

Ah, we all worry about this don’t we and worry that a big expense will follow.

Because an MOT is specific in what it assesses and if you fail these your car will not pass it’s MOT till these basics are fixed.

They are not always expensive but in terms of safety, they are ALWAYS essential.

Cars which pass the MOT Test may still not be functioning absolutely perfectly but the issues will be minor. Many garages pass cars through their MOT and send drivers away with but a list of ‘advisory’

items where appropriate. These will require fixing fora car to be at it’s best but will not be required immediately and are not currently dangerous.


Where to go for your MOT

Many garages offer MOT tests – go by word of mouth and check out customer reviews. Finding somewhere you trust and that is efficient and a good price is invaluable.

For MOT in London visit why not visit Iverson tyres. Their state of the art facility and highly professional and friendly staff make for a great service experience.



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