Who to Become Today: Some Face Painting Ideas for Girls

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When it comes to face painting, the only limit is your imagination. I have done some face painting work at festivals and fairs, and the part of the process that takes the longest, is for the child to decide what or who to become that day. This is also the most exciting part, and I have met some of the most vivid imaginations through this line of work.

I recently helped out at my niece’s 5th birthday party and thought I’d share a few face painting ideas for girls that I learnt from face paint makers, Snazaroo.

A fairly common request is for a fairy princess design.



This Snazaroo guide is really simple and will only take a few minutes once you’ve had a couple of practices. It’s a really versatile look and can be changed up by using lots of different colours. You could match the eye colour with specific outfits or themes to suit the princess in question! The key to this is keeping one, sweeping motion as you do the eye flicks. Be sure to finish up by adding lots of glitter gel and dust for a really magical look.

This Angel design is perfect for the Christmas period; from children’s parties to the nativity play, the angel is a classic. You can adapt the design for your own little angel. Change the hair colour and length and feel free to change the pink edging for your child’s favourite colour. Once you’ve learnt the technique it is a design that can be done quickly and easily, and will soon become a festive favourite!

Head to Snazaroo’s website to see their other suggestions for fun face paint ideas for girls.  Each guide comes with a list of the paints needed to create the look, which you can buy from their website really easily.

I’ll leave you with the one thing I have learnt from my limited experience in taking face painting requests; little girls are as likely to want to be painted as a princess for a day as they are a pirate – the most fun is to be had when the child gets to decide who they want to be for a few hours.



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