Where to compare your home insurance?

ComparetheMarket.com  has relaunched it’s home insurance page and I was asked to cast me eye over it and let them (and you) know what I thought of it.

I will start with the positives.

There is a simple, straightforward guide on the main home insurance page  page telling you exactly what it does. How refreshing! I often click to sites and have not the foggiest what they expect you do or are delivering As a user I could find what I wanted really easily.. this is a very easy page to navigate. I like the colours used and the site is not distracting and the font size is good.

I found it very easy to complete my quotes and get the results though had a bit of trouble with my job (they didnt really recognise blogging’!) When I had my quotes they were also emailed to me within moments. When I went back to the page it immediately recognised me and talked to me offering to show me my previous quotes. I like that, it saves re-inputting data. It said:

Hello, nice to see you again bex

Your last home quote was on 14th of September. Would you like to see your previous quotes or do you fancy looking for something new?

How cool! I would recommend this site as one that is clear and user friendly. It is also quite speedy.


There are a couple of references to collecting meerkats. I think is time to Lose the Meerkats. In my view it is overkill,  an annoying gimmick – does not encourage me to use the service (just to remember the name.) However told someone last night I was reviewing the and they siad ooh you can’t get my mum a meerkat can you? She loves them!- so maybe its just me who doesnt like them? Are they like marmite?


A really easy to naviagate, very straightforward home insurance, clear and well set out. I will use it.


What do you think?




  1. September 14, 2012 / 6:11 pm

    Nice review Becky. To be honest I’m with you on the Meerkats, but maybe the point is to help you remember the name? It’s working from an advertising point of view.

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