What would you buy if you could afford it?

Today – What would you buy if you could afford it?

I have been on a budget for quite some time. Most of the time quite happily so and I have learned to be creative. But I do like the thought of very nice things……and I do let these thoughts float across my mind every now and again.


What would you buy if you could afford it?

One day when I am rich and have managed to sell my complete series of unicorn books (oh yes the day will come!) I would like to live in a glass house that overlooks a beautiful beach somewhere sunny and peaceful and safe. The children would play outside on the beach and I would write in my glass fronted office until lunch then go and join them.

I would absolutely definitely go to Venice on the Orient Express (with a murder mystery on board)

I would like my hair to be blow dried every morning and to own a beautiful wardrobe that launders itself  without my involvement

I would like my children to have ponies and a pool.

I would love to buy this for my husband

It’s from Cartier at Watches from Switzerland Isn’t it divine? We once went to Zurich and he took me to Tiffany’s and we tried on rings. It was lovely. It was long ago we were young and silly and had big dreams. I would also buy him a very stylish car with a sunroof. He could buy me those rings I long ago admired and flowers every week.

I would travel to all those places I have ever wished to. First I would go to Montana and ride along cowboy trails under the Big Sky, free of all but my family responsibilities and it would be blissful and a dream come true.

Photo Montana Official State Travel Site

Where I would visit

I would see China and India and I would go back to Monaco and visit the casino and play roulette. I’d LOVE that. I could pretend to be Princess Grace and wear very posh frock and take my best friends too. The ultimate girls night out.

Am I being horribly materialistic and selfish….okay well I would definitely do some good too.

I would sponsor many children. As many as I could in areas at home and abroad where they needed help to live well and healthily  I would give money to building gardens in poor areas of the UK and setting up youth groups for kids to keep them off the streets. I would give a lot of money to supporting families with disabled children to access the advice and services they need to help them cope and best support their kids.

I would hold an annual charity ball in my mum’s name to support Childline her favourite charity.

It would be blooming lovely to be able to afford to do these things and have these things. Not necessary to happy family life or even life quality but yep I would not say no to a few dreams come true.

I’m hoping a bit of creative visualisation may speed up my dreams ooh that and/or a very big savings jar!


What would you buy if you could afford it? It’s an interesting question and it has given me some lovely thoughts!






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