What we thought of Aldi Nappies and Aldi Chocolate

When Aldi offfered to send us some nappies to trial I was a little sceptical. My experiences with ultra cheap nappies have been varied. How would this go?

The Mamia Maxi Nappies cost just  £4.99, 48 per pack. That ‘s cheap. Along with the Mamia Baby Wipes – 79p, 80 per pack also super cheap.

Well my two are out of nappies now so these went to my little tester Harry who at 15 months is already in size 4+ (they are going to have potty train early or handmake them!) Here’s what his daddy Mark had to say:

The nappies worked absolutely great, just as good as the leading brand we normally have. Lots of material, seemed comfy, really absobant we would definately buy these. Worked equally well day and night.

aldi nappies

The wipes were fantastic, really big so we didn’t have to use too many at once and they worked very well.

Great stuff! It shows it does not necessarily pay to be a nappy snob does it!

Aldi  also sent us some other bits and bobs to trial . The best thing we trailled by a landslide vote was their Titan bars oh my goodness! They taste a lot like mars bars are absolutely delicious, a good size and get this…69p for six. I strongly recommend buying htese (unless you are dieting of course) they are totally lovely.

aldi chocolate

We also tried out a couple of cheeses

The Cheese Emporium Red Leicester – £1.49, 250 which according to my hubby was delicious and West Country Vintage Cheddar  – £1.99, 250g  which again he polished off pretty quickly. He said both were very tasty and ecellent value ( I do’t eat much cheese but it certainly seemed well priced.)

I have reviewed Aldi before and I was surprised then what good quality their home brands were, Again they have really suprised me. If there is a store near you I would certainly recomnmend checking them out Why not take a look at the Aldi store locator

Aldi’s core philosophy is to offer shoppers brand quality products at everyday, exceptionally low prices.I think they achieve this.


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  1. Aggie Maxwell
    November 1, 2011 / 8:08 pm

    I love aldi – their cheeses are great and well priced and I like lots of their other products too. I miss having one across the road!!

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