What to do when a bargain is far away

Sposnored guest post by Amar Patel

 Having a baby is one of the happiest occasions in any families’ life; however, it can also be very expensive. The cost of pushchairs, cribs and the many other items can add up and leave you a pretty impressive bill, especially if you want to buy everything new.

Despite, auction sites like eBay and classified websites like Gumtree, which make it easier to find good deals on such items, the size or shape of the objects make them very awkward to post or very costly to ship, therefore, many are advertised as ‘pick-up’ only, this can be a major headache if the crib of your dreams is located in Glasgow and you live in Brighton! In cases like this the cost saving you make using auction sites can be wiped out by using an established transporter.

Photo Credit: USCPSC

However, help is at hand!

Online shipping platforms such as uShip, help regular consumers save on the cost of shipping, with their reserve auction format and load sharing options, couriers bid for your shipment, meaning that the cost of shipping for gets lower and lower, as instead of just transporting your item, they will transport many goods on the same route, passing the cost saving onto you.

Using online auctions and/or classified sites in partnership with uShip can help you make huge savings, find good quality items and increase the number of items that you can consider which will be very budget and baby friendly!  


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