Profile of a budgeting mum: Carolyn Hughes (Little Dudes)

Profile of a budgeting mum:

What’s your name?
Carolyn Hughes (Little Dudes)

Any kids?
Charlie Rex Hughes

Do you work?
Yes, I work about one or two days a week at the moment.

If so what do you do?
I’m a self-employed PR and copywriting consultant

Why do you work?
For two reasons: we need to keep extra income coming in, but I also really love what I do.

What are your childcare arrangements?
At the moment, my husband (who is also self-employed) juggles the childcare with me, and my mum has Charlie one day a week.

How do you manage for money?
We don’t spend loads of money really, so we’ve managed ok while I was on maternity leave.

Do you worry about money?
I do sometimes, but it makes me really careful with money, so that’s ok.

What do you waste money on?
Usually by going to the shops and buying lots of bits most days, instead of planning out a big shop. Apart from that, probably magazines and newspapers.

How do you make extra cash?
Just by taking on a bit of extra freelance work. I like that I can control how much I work.

Please share 3 top budgeting tips –

  1. Buy toys secondhand: Ebay, charity shops and passing stuff around groups of friends is the best way to stop spending loads of money on toys that will only be used for a few months. You can even make your own toys: an empty milk carton filled with lentils is a great maraca.
  2. Work out cheapest combinations of homemade and shop-bought baby food. For example, bought fruit pots plus a large pot of natural organic yoghurt = lots of healthy baby yoghurts. Or use a chicken and sweetcorn pouch, but add some milk and mix with pasta spirals for quick finger food meal.

3. Don’t get sucked into the baby consumer trade. You don’t really need changing tables, baby wardrobes or even baby towels. You definitely don’t need nappy wipe warmers or designer changing bags. Just stick to the basics.


Where can we find you online?!/littledudesinc


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