What mums want for mothers day – the results are in

Spend quality time with your mum on this Mother’s Day

That is what 50 per cent of them would prefer according to a survey

conducted on behalf of Philips AVENT

 Mother’s Day is just around the corner and people search and worry about the ideal gift.

 Forget about expensive and luxury presents as this is not what they really crave. According to a new report over 30 per cent of “new mums” think that the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to simply spend some quality time with the entire family going out for lunch and another 18 per cent of them would like to  have a day out with the kids. Almost 30 per cent would just be delighted to receive a nice bouquet of flowers.

 The study also explored the best Mother’s Day memories and it emerged that receiving flowers from their kids is certainly the best memory for nearly 40 per cent of mums, regardless of their age.

 The research also found that almost three quarter of the interviewed mums believe it is important to celebrate Mother’s Day. A massive 46 per cent of them think that it is a good way to reward mums for all their hard work, while another 40 per cent believe that it highlights the critical role of motherhood in society. 

Deneice Harwin from Philips AVENT, which carried out the study, said: ”Our research demonstrates once again that Mother’s Day is a special celebration as it reminds all of us of the important role played by mums not only in families, but also throughout society. Spending some quality time together is what really matters for them!”

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