What is self-compassion and why does it matter?

Today – what is self-compassion and why does it matter?

What is self-compassion

What is self-compassion and why does it matter?

Do you ever wonder – what is self-compassion and why dies it matter?

Life today is much more difficult than it was before. We often find ourselves struggling to handle the weight of our own expectations and trying to fit in, and in that, we also tend to be too hard on ourselves. The result? Life feels much more of a task and struggle, and that’s exactly where self-compassion comes in.

When we learn to be compassionate and kind to our own selves, we start feeling happier and ready to embrace life! Read on to discover how exactly self-compassion can make you a happier person.

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It Breeds Resilience

If you’re one of those who takes their failures and hurdles too hard, and you tend to have a tough time getting over a setback, being self compassionate can help you! It tends to make you stronger, resilient, and in turn, also more able to reach your full potential.


It Helps you Take Responsibility

One of the best benefits of practising self compassion is that it encourages you to take responsibility of your own actions and life, and in turn, stop the blame game. You’ll be able to remember that you (and others around you) are only human, and therefore flawed and likely to make mistakes. In turn, it’ll also make you a forgiving person.

What is self-compassion? and how does it fix your Perspective

Self compassion also allows you to view things from a fresh perspective. Being too harsh and overly critical about yourself might be having a major impact on your self esteem. When you start being kinder to yourself, you start to see things clearly, and are able to prioritize things that matter to you, and focus only on those. You’ll be able to see yourself and your life and situations in a different way, and will be able to view challenges as stepping stones to success instead of being demotivated by them,


It Improves your Mental Health

Several studies have linked self-compassion to overall well being and improved mental health in particular. In fact, it has also been found that individuals who practise self compassion tend to feel more satisfied with life, and are less prone to anxiety attacks and depression. Plus, since they view their mistakes objectively, there are less likely to have a fear of failure.

Some experts also believe that practising self-compassion can improve your emotional intelligence, and help you make more social connections.

What is self-compassion and does it make you happier

Self-compassion has been found to help reduce stress levels, which automatically makes you feel happier in general. You’ll also be much more likely to feel optimistic and grateful about everything you have in life and have much stronger feelings of self-worth, which is especially helpful for those suffering from low self-esteem issues.


So there you go I do hope that answers the question what is self-compassion and how it can help you.


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What is self-compassion?

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