What is Incahoot ?


I’ve recently met up with a great company called Incahoot to talk with them about social media. I found them very interesting.

Basically through the collective group-buying power of their members they can offer market beating deals that are exclusive to Incahoot members. I can only equate them to the co-op really!

The more people who sign up to the community the more leverage they have to get brilliant deals. They aren’t a price comparision site they are a brilliant deals site and well worth having a look at. Their mobile deals particularly impressed me.

There are two central points to Incahoot which I think are key to their ongoing success

  • Membership is free and involves absolutely no commitment unless you fancy one of the deals
  • You will not and you cannot find their deals on price comparison sites becuase they have been nehgotiated exclsuively for incahoot members.

It is a real power to the people  site and potentially a great money saving source. Well worth a look!


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