How to make a Scarecrow

How to make a Scarecrow

Oh I  do love a simple and traditional craft

And this one is fabulous.

Scarecrows are traditionally used to keep birds from eating crops. Scarecrows are made to look like a real person so birds are scared away. You can make a scarecrow at home with old or stained clothes that you plan on throwing away.

Stuff an old shirt and an old pair of jeans with plastic shopping bags or crumpled up newspapers. Use a lot of stuffing to give shape to your scarecrow. Safety pin the bottom of the shirt to the top of the jeans. Stuff an old pillowcase so that it takes the shape of a head. Tie the opening of the pillowcase with a string.

Safety pin the stuffed pillowcase to the neck of the shirt. Draw a face on the front of the pillowcase with a permanent marker. Stuff straw into the cuffs of the shirt and trousers so that it sticks out slightly. Place an old hat on top of the scarecrow’s head for a final touch.

Easy peasy and tons of fun!

How to make a Scarecrow

So it is absolutely as simple as that – How to make a Scarecrow

A perfect autumnal craft




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