What is Amazon Local?

Have you been wondering what is Amazon local? Well I think Amazon local is pretty fabulous!


Amazon Local is a local deals market place where customers can find great deals in their local area.

It’s a bit like groupon.

I have just purchased 10 passes to a lovely local gym for £19.

They offer some fantastic deals from local businesses across a range of categories including: Restaurants, Spas, Hotels and Travel, Online Courses, Tickets and Events, Days Out and much much more.

They offer deals to customers in the following regions –

London: http://local.amazon.co.uk/London-wide/deals/all
Birmingham: http://local.amazon.co.uk/Birmingham-UK
Coventry: http://local.amazon.co.uk/Coventry/deals/all
Manchester: http://local.amazon.co.uk/Central-Manchester/deals/all
Glasgow: http://local.amazon.co.uk/Glasgow/deals/all
Edinburgh: http://local.amazon.co.uk/Edinburgh/deals/all
plus have a wider National programme: http://local.amazon.co.uk/National-UK/deals/all

New for this month is my stamping ground Nottingham: http://local.amazon.co.uk/Nottingham/deals/all

Enjoy, but don’t get carried away. Only purchase if you would have anyone not just because its so cheap!





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