What is a salt lamp?

So, what is a salt lamp?

People that practice yoga or meditation will use these lamps as they create a relaxing feel for their meditation room. If you are a candle lover you can also purchase Himalayan salt candle holders that also give out the same effect as a salt lamp. They have gained in popularity over recent years due to associated health benefits.


What is a salt lamp?


What is a salt lamp?

Salt lamps are made of Himalayan salt, it is mined in the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan that been stored underground for millions of years. The salt is extracted as a chunk of salt rocks and has a beautiful color of light pink. These Chunks of salt are crafted by hand and hollowed out to make a salt lamp. Once the lighting fixture is inside the lamp it will create a beautiful Orange glow, it will completely change the feel in your home.

The lamps are not too bright, and it is perfect background light, many people will use these lamps as a night light. People that struggles with anxiety or depression can use these lamps as it helps them relax.


Benefits of having a salt lamp

If you live in a damp house and you use a salt lamp, many people will notice water on the salt and around the base. The salt collects the moisture from the air, it acts as a mini humidifier.

Many people strongly believe in salt therapy which is often used to help with repository problems. Many people believe that salt lamps create negative ions that reduce pollution from electrical goods, as well as reacts with dust, pollen, and dirt in the air. It will  basically helps clean the air in your home.

People will use a salt lamp as a nightlight if the have a toddler in the house as the light from the salt lamp is not too bright.


Salt lamps come in different color and sizes

Most Himalayan lamps come with the color of pink however there are salt lamps that are white and grey in color. The sizes also vary from the smallest being 1 Kg all the way up to 50kg.

As each salt lamp is hand-carved you will have a one of a kind lamp. You can also purchase small USB salt lamps that are carved into the shape of a heart, turtle, rose, and much more. These small USB lamps are perfect in the office. They would also make a lovely gift for a loved one.

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