We Love Occasion Smurfs!

Occasion Smurfs

I loved Smurfs when I was a little girl and my children delight in them in just the same way. Young or old these funny little things really seem to appeal to us. I have no idea whay really I mean they are super cute but they are also absolutely bizarre aren’t they!

Occasion Smurfs


Occasion Smurfs

Schleich have bought out a range of smurfs for every occasion namely: weddings, new baby, Valentine’s day,  I’m sorry, thanks, get well soon, party and birthday and they sent us them to review. There are eight new Smurfs to choose from – each containing a specific heartfelt statement for every occasion.

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At just £3.39 these are a very cute and inexpensive gift and yet they really made us smile. Lovely to pop in with a card. The kids adored  and made smurf lands and made up stories.  I wanted to pop them in the pressie drawer but they have beaten me to it and refuse to hand them over!

They are available from Amazon along with a vast collection of other little smurfs!

Product Details

Aren’t these occasion smurfs just so cute!

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  1. Louise
    March 28, 2013 / 1:24 pm

    They are also good if your son asks for a smurf village cake for his birthday

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