Schleich Braided Horses Review

Schleich Braided Horses Review

Schleich are just the best at making model animals for kids. They have just sent us 6 new horses to review which are just adoreable. These are brand new additions to their horse range and all have braided manes.

They have lots of realistic details and my daughter has had so much fun playing with them.Gymkhanas, wild ponies , pony families, horse shows and so on. She loves ponies.

Schleich Braided Horses Review


Schleich Braided Horses Review

Toys like this are just great because they encourage a child’s storytelling and imaginative play rather than just ‘doing it for them’ .

Schleich Braided Horses Review

You can see the full range of horses here .

Perfect for pony mad kids and have years of play in them. My 8-year-old son still plays with Schleich toys we bought him at 3 -lots of play potential in these toys and they are robust.

 RRP: Stallion: £5.99; Mare: £5.99; Foal: £3.99

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