We can help make A Million Miracles happen

Do you remember me telling you about Sightsavers A Million Miracles campaign to try and give a million people back their sight?


It is so important to value our sight isn’t it, it is so critical to how we live.

This year SightSavers campaign is based on encouraging people in the UK to appreciate the value of sight – so they  asked three UK volunteers to experience living with cataract by trying some specially made contact lenses, to give them some insight into what it’s like for the people Sightsavers  work with.

The film also  features, Laurinda, who’s a single Mum of 7 and has been blind for about 4 years. Over the next 6 weeks Sightsavers will following her story, seeing what life is like for her, accompanying her to the hospital and and hopefully sharing the moment she gets her sight back and sees her one year old, Telma, for the first time.

Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it.

Have a look at this…….

We absolutely CAN make a difference .

There are 39 million people in the world who are blind. 80% of blindness is preventable or can be cured. A small donation makes a big difference. Please help if you can.

You can donate here


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