Riverford Recipe Box – Veggie

I am an extremely unadventurous cook and generally when I do try something a little more experimental it does go rather disastrously wrong. When Riverford asked me if I would like to review on e of their organic recipe boxes I was partly excited and to be honest partly terrified.

What if it was really complicated?


Riverford recipe boxes have a fabulous reputation amongst the people I know who have used them and when I opened my box it up it really was a delight. Packed to the rafters with fresh vegetables in a rainbow of colours with little pots of homey and sachets of seasoning, tiny bags of flour, garlic and really every single thing you would need to make 3  lovely veggie meals.

A box of 3 meal s for 2 costs   £33.95 and for 4 costs £58. The quality of the products is outstanding.

In a nutshell….

Riverford recipe boxes are a simple and inspiring way to cook. Every week, we deliver everything you need to make tasty organic home-cooked meals. Inside each box, you’ll find the freshest, seasonal organic produce, step-by-step recipe cards and all the ingredients in exact quantities.

No waste. No missing the vital ingredient. All you have to do is cook.

You can choose between vegetarian boxes, original boxes or quick. Boes are delivered free and are well packed to keep them fresh.

So what did I get in my box?

Well take a look….the easy to follow recipes included gumbo , Moroccan tomato and aubergine and raddichio and squash salad.


I have to show  you the Gumbo I made. It was straightforward to make, packed with goodness and absolutely the best food I have ever made. Everyone was delighted … and I have to say I was proud! So lovely to have all the ingredients already measured out and to hand.


I would certainly use Riverford again especially if I was going on a weekend break or  perhaps over Christmas week when I have a little more time to cook.




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