7 thrifty ways to save on babysitting

Today – ways to save on babysitting

It is really important to have some space from your kids. I t helps you take a deep breath, reconnect with those you love and shake off your responsibilities for a while. But my goodness with £4-£10 beign the going rate PLUS you evening out who on earth can afford much baby sitting these days!

Well here are my 10 top ways to save on babysitting

ways to save on babysitting

Ways to save on babysitting

1. if you have a friend or two in a similar situation to yourself, free reciprocated babysittting is a really sensible situation to set up. Keep it equal and fair and this could be the start of a beautiful relationship

2. When you go out you do not have to go out for hours to feel the benefit of a break. Just catching a drink with a friend for 1-2 hours can really be enough to re invigorate you.

3. Your trip out doesn’t need to be expensive either a lovely walk somewhere beautiful just you and your partner will cost nothing and yet be a lovely break away and change to really be together.

4. If you are paying your babysitter negotiate a fee for the babysit rather than by the hour as it can work out a lot cheaper.

5. Whatever you pay the first time you can never really go lower so really think about what you pay ahead of time and start as you mean to go on.

6. Don’t be shy about asking close family members you trust to mind your child, they will rarely ever charge you and they are often delighted to do so. Baking them a cake, a bunch of daffs or maybe doing a few jobs for them in return would be a lovely gesture.

7. Take advantage of your partner to get breaks , a walk by yourself, a yoga class with a friend can all really give you a breather and help you remember you are far more than just a parent and it is not always you that has to be responsible. It’s okay just to leave them to it, even in the early days and 15 minutes in a coffee shop with a good book really can change your day.


I hoep you have found this list of ways to save on babysitting useful. You can find more of my best baby budgeting tips here


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