Water softening baby benefits

Baby skin is so delicate that every new parent knows to use a mild detergent to wash their child’s clothing, and a pure cleanser at bathtime. However, it’s not such a well-known fact that simple water can leave residues that could dry out this precious skin.


Most households in the UK have a hard or medium water supply – it’s estimated that around 60% or more of homes in this country contain substantial amounts of calcium and magnesium, the same compounds that create limescale in your kettle and white marks on your tiles.

These same residues could be drying out your baby’s skin too. Mums and dads – you might notice a build-up in your own hair over time, so consider the following advice a beauty tip as well!

Water softening units filter out magnesium and calcium deposits; at regular intervals the filters are cleaned and flushed by saline created using a salt block or salt tablets to keep it effective.

This means that all the water you use in your home – if the unit has been fitted to the mains water supply – will be ‘soft’ and won’t leave residues – on skin, in hair, on clothing, on tiles, glasses and it will even benefit your boiler and hot water system by reducing the gradual scaling of parts and pipes.

If you do decide to protect your family’s skin by installing a water softener unit, you’ll be glad to know it will also save you money because your equipment will last longer, and you will get better cleaning results by using less detergent. Water softening is a win-win choice.




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  1. Dave
    August 16, 2013 / 9:06 am

    Such a great post. This is really informative for homeowners. This will keep the skin of babies smooth and free form skin disease.

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