Want to be a blogger but not sure where to start?

I think blogging is brilliant if you like to write, build a new community, share ideas, promote yourself , make money or just offlload. It can also be a cheap and fun filled hobby. The whole theme this month (+last) on my blog has been about ways for mums to make money. Blogging can be one of those ways depending on what you want from it.

But where do you start?

This is a little post to promote the blogging servcies of the very blog-savvy Carol Smith. She is in my opinion one of the most helpful, straightforward, reliable and clear blogging mummys I know. Blogging is fab…as you can probably tell I LOVE blogging but it can be hard to see the wood form the trees at the start. Well this is a little taster of how Carol can help and she comes with my highest recommendation.


Professional Blog Services

Have a business blog but don’t have the time to get it updated? Or want to start a blog but have no idea where to start?
Well I’m the lady for you; I can write your posts, run your twitter account or help set your blog up.
I run two successful blogs of my own plus write for countless others.
I can work on a per piece basis, per month or as a consultant.
I can write on a variety of subjects not just parenting. I have worked in retail, commercial, HR and Training and have a degree in Business and Law.
If you interested then please contact me at newmummy@live.co.uk

Carol’s main blog is http://mummynew.blogspot.com/ but she is an established and excellent writer who can also be found blogging at:

New Mummy’s Tips 

Make It, Bake it

Midlands Mums 

Mumstop Blog 

 The Mums Test on Living With Kids 

The Great Toy Guide 


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