What do men and women really think about Valentines Day

Valentines Day infographic

So what do men and women really think about valentines day?

I was just buying a little gift for my other half this morning from the supermarket (as you do when you are on a budget like me) whilst in there I bumped into another school mum doing the same.

We had a catch up and a then our chatter turned to Valentine’s Day and we had a little moan about how consumerist it all was and how commercial and how we should treat each other all the time and show our love. Then we both went back to buying our gifts. Much as I may moan I do know I would feel really sad if my other half didn’t make at least a little bit of effort and no card and he would really be for the high jump.

I guess I have mixed feeling about it all really.

MyVoucherCodes did a survey with the British Public to find out what opinions really were about valentines. have a look at the infographic below to see the rather interesting results!

Vday Survey Graphic, valentines day infographic

This Valentines Day infographic  really made me laugh to read this particularly in regard to sex as an acceptable gift. it would certainly be a thrifty option!

Love to know your opinion about all this, do you spoil your other half?






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