Valentine’s Day Bingo: The Biggest Cliches on the Most Romantic Days of the Year

Valentine’s Day Bingo

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and even in slightly different circumstances we expect to see all the same cliches that make the day both cheesy and great. In fact, such is its predictability that you could even fill a bingo card full of all the things you’re guaranteed to see on February 14.

Which is just as well as that’s exactly what Moon Bingo have done. To help bingo fans celebrate the most romantic day of the year from home, they’ve put together a bingo card which you must mark off across the day. But what does it feature?


Valentines Day Bingo


Well you’ll find everything you’d expect to see on there, and we’ve pulled out a few of our favourite things we love to see on Valentine’s Day…

The Last-Minute Gift

The last-minute gift is certainly going to be a little trickier to find this year but it won’t stop people from giving it a go. The supermarkets are still open and petrol station flowers are still available, so there will be plenty of blokes taking in their usual Valentine’s Day traditions. There will be plenty of Celebrations, Roses and cheap flowers on the go this year, despite us all having had plenty of time to buy online.


loveheart stamp

The Cheesy Rom Com

The cheesy rom com is always a big part of Valentine’s Day and with the day falling on a Sunday this year and channels already struggling for content due to current restrictions, it’s going to be a full-on day of films such as The Notebook, Brokeback Mountain and Mamma Mia!

If that’s your thing, then you’re in luck, so why not snuggle on the sofa and spend the day with a loved up movie marathon.


Takeaways Are Full

The restaurants won’t be full this year, but you’re best booking in early for that takeaway slot. While many will be settling into the kitchen and making romantic meals for two, plenty will be calling in the takeaway and enjoying a range of different cuisines.

Many restaurants are offering takeaway for Valentine’s Day this year, and in some cases you can even pick up some Michelin starred grub. And we all know our loved ones are worth that.


Weddings might be off at the minute, but engagements aren’t. Lockdown may have made or broken hundreds of couples across the UK, and for those that have come through unscathed, it’s the prime opportunity to make your partner a fiance. 2021 may not be that bad after all.

Kudos to anyone who is planning on proposing this Valentine’s Day, mainly for managing to hide a ring during a time when we’re all at home all of the time.


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